11th May 2018


We’re constantly surrounded by colour, it’s sunny, it’s cold, it’s how we feel; colour is life.

Blah de blah… that’s the poetry out of the way. Where would we be without the gorgeousness of colour? We wake up each day and depending on our mood, the season or if we have children to sort, dogs to walk we have to decide what colour to put on our body.

Is your wardrobe full of black? Does it inspire you or will it just do? What we wear and how we wear it says a thousand words. By wearing the colours right for you, it will make you feel younger, happier and the compliments will come rolling in. That added smile on your face will be fixed.

The walls in our bedroom, where we are supposed to relax and have a good night sleep, to the colour of the walls in the loo where we might capture five minutes peace. So how do we choose these important elements in our life? Colour shouldn’t be boring. Of course there are wonderful neutrals to act as backdrops which gives the opportunity to add splashes of colour with furniture and accessories. Grey is a distinguished neutral which gives a fantastic base to add a plethora of colour. Warm, mustard, yellow and orange with Mediterranean blues and turquoise, especially in these dreary winter days that give hope for the coming summer months.

Red lacquer and polished brass are a couple of inspirations awaiting us in 2017, but if that sounds a bit scary and out there, don’t panic. It’s not compulsory. If you are more of a classical or traditional type then the mahogany look may be for you. Either of these two looks will work with a scheme already in place or if you’re starting from scratch it’s a great chance to embrace a new style.

So are you a moody blue? Are you a naturalist? A lover of woodland greens? A springtime pastel or even a vibrant sassy orange and red? Whatever you are or whatever you want to be, the right colour is out there for you.

It’s a wonderful feeling to add a bit of colour to people’s lives. It’s the best to light up your own with colour. Does your wardrobe need a good sort out and some order put into it? The clothes you love will make you smile each day you wear them or even when you just glance at them hanging on their hangers.

If you’re inspired and interested in having help in your life contact me. I would love to help bring sunshine and imagination into your life.

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  1. Annie says:

    Looks great ?
    Thanks for your help so far, look forward to having you help me again soon.

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