11th May 2018
Shiny Happy September
4th September 2018

Summer Wardrobe

So later, I’m going into the loft to get my summer clothes and shoes out!! Woo hoo.. Summer is arriving this week and I don’t want to be left behind on this party bus. Every Autumn I put my summer clothes away after a sort out of things I didn’t wear because (a) it rained and I don’t believe we will ever have a sunny day again, (b) this is more like it, I look like mutton….. So what will be in the loft? It’s always quite exciting. A bit like Christmas in the summer when you undo a parcel or in this case upzip an Ikea storage bag. This of course is a great time to have a sort out and declutter of your winter clothes and footwear. Check if anything needs washing or mending. Do you still love it? Once this has been checked, store it in a secure storage bag folded nicely ready with some anti moth for the all too quick to come around again Autumn. While you are at it and getting a new wardrobe, Hoover it out, it’s amazing how dusty it can get. Grey rid of those horrid plastic shop hangers, when asked in the shop, “Would you like the hanger?” ” No thank you, I love my wardrobe and it has beautiful matching hangers and I am a classy bird/geezer!”

Good luck getting yourself ready for the new season, here’s to long sunny days in gorgeous clothing, looking the business.
Remember if it’s all a bit too daunting, I’m here for you.

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