Summer Wardrobe
22nd May 2018
Declutter to Move
10th October 2018

Shiny Happy September

September has arrived and we are now entering the new season, new pencil case, new shiny shoes. But wait, do you really need new? Have you got a bundle of pens and pencils in the drawer or have they run out of ink or too short to sharpen? Then it’s time to throw and time to replace.
It’s not just stationary, it’s lots of things we have in our lives and home. September is the perfect time to stop and look what you do have and reassess. It’s time to declutter, tidy and organise. You need to make a plan and be strategic, start in a corner of a room or just one drawer if you think that is all you can manage.

So happy September and if you can’t face it alone or just simply overwhelmed, contact me and we will do it together for an organised lifestyle.

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