Shiny Happy September
4th September 2018

Declutter to Move

So, you have decided to move, you are moving to a bigger/smaller, country/town property. You’ve given your home a good going over, plumped up the cushions and spent out on a few bottles of diffusers to get rid of the smell of dog and last night’s dinner. You’ve impressed the numerous estate agents who have come around and you have taken the plunge and gone for the one who has promised that they will sell your home in 3 weeks. So, if they are good to their word, then you are going to be incredibly busy over the next few weeks. Lots of viewers to wow and decisions to be made over offers.

But… have you thought about your new life? Have you thought about what is in the back of the under stairs cupboard? It’s time to declutter! It’s time to get sorted! It’s time to get organised! You really don’t want to pay the removers to move your junk.

It can be overwhelming, where should you start? Plan, take your time and get resources in place. Start with a small area that won’t be too daunting this could be books, cds and dvds. There are selling sites that are happy to take your goods and you will receive money into your bank account on receipt of goods. You can on the other hand give to your favourite local charity too, so have a box for stuff to go to charity, one for recycling and one for the dump.

You are bound to come across items that are nostalgic and stir emotions and memories, if these emotions are positive that’s great but if you feel angry or hurt when you see the item, it is time to let it go. Remember, you are starting a new life and going to make new memories, be brave and dispose of it in the box.

If there are items that you are not sure about because they won’t fit into your new life because you haven’t got the space for it , then take a photo of it, make a book of your things and take that with you, all those things can be kept in a few pages and can be stored in a drawer for you to look at whenever you like.

I could go on about all the things in your house, but deep down you know what to do, you just need the inclination and time but remember if the estate agent is good to their word you only have a few weeks.

So, good luck, enjoy the process and good luck in your new home with all the bits and pieces that you love.

If I have scared the whatsit out of you and you feel you can’t do it on your own or you don’t have people in your home who are on the same page as you, you know where I am.

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